NOVOMATIC Africa Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NOVOMATIC Group. The company was established and registered in 1995 to service the growing number of newly licensed Casinos in South Africa. From its early beginnings, NOVOMATIC Africa has grown into a fully functional office with technical, sales and marketing, accounting and administrative departments of the company, each department performing specific functions to add towards the successful running of NGI.

The company is strategically situated in Midrand (Johannesburg), in the Gauteng Province, and from here we are close at hand to supply and assist not only the South African market, but also the rest of the African continent. NOVOMATIC Africa has been an integral part of the South African Gaming Manufacturers Association (SAGMA) and has close ties with all the casinos, gaming boards and gaming test labs in South Africa.


At NOVOMATIC Africa we are passionate about building and maintaining customer relationships, whilst continuously striving to provide unmatched service excellence through our quality products and personalized touch.

With NGI's design, development, production and distribution methods, new standards are set in the international gaming industry year after year. Additionally, NGI benefits from the opportunity to test new developments in casinos, LPM and slot arcades and to launch innovations in the market only when the player's response is truly enthusiastic. This minimises the risk to operators who additionally benefit from the strong commitment to excellence, the precision processing of the superior materials and customisation to meet the specific customer requirements.

Today NOVOMATIC Africa stands out as a market leader in distributing interactive live games, multi-player systems, LPM slot machines and casino slot machines throughout the African continent.