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Lotus Roulette™


Release Date 4. Feb 2014

The Lotus Roulette™ is an automated six player Roulette island in combination with HD video slots offering – all in one elegant table.

The games are presented to guests in a highly attractive automated 6-player island configuration, consisting of individual player stations and one automatic Roulette wheel embedded in a magnificent veneered table. Each of the individual player stations is equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen monitor in 16:10 screen format that can be individually tilted and automated cash handling facilities. The integrated video slots offering comprises 23 HD games that are available on each individual player station.

Optionally available with the attention-gripping illuminated Light Gate sign arch.

The beautiful Lotus Roulette™ combines state-of-the-art gaming technology with best quality craftsmanship and top comfort for both Roulette and HD slot gaming entertainment in a style of sheer elegance.

Advantages for the operator:

  • Fast-paced automated Roulette game
  • Multi-game offering (Roulette & 23 HD slots)
  • High usability and low maintenance
  • Reduced labour costs, increased game speed and automated operation
  • Eliminates operating errors and player disputes
  • All major protocols implemented as standard
  • Variable stakes at no additional operator costs
  • Automated secure cash handling and payout mechanisms

Advantages for the player:

  • Individual switch between Roulette and HD slot games via finger tip
  • Perfect blend of table gaming entertainment with the security and speed of electronic game play
  • Pre-select bet strategies
  • Increased ease of play through easy touchscreen interface
  • Player monitors can be electronically tilted for maximum comfort
  • Monitors are embedded level with the beautiful Brazilian rosewood table surface
  • Stunning high resolution 3D-graphics
  • Individual language selection and multi-denomination
  • Help screens